Is that it for the summer?

Is that it for the summer?

We’ve had a marvellous summer, weather wise, but it does seem to have come to rather an abrupt end. It was distinctly chilly this morning as I chose my fleecy dressing gown over my brushed cotton one to tramp down the stairs to feed the cat and empty the dishwasher.¬†Always me??????

I was out cycling with Mr Jones on Saturday and there was a distinct layer of leaves scattered about the tracks.

It is no longer safe to leave the house without a cardi and the flipflops have been flung to the back of the wardrobe.

My mind is turning to casseroles of both the meat and sausage variety. We are choosing soup over salad for lunch.

It’s August!

I even gave in on Sunday and made a pie.

Steak and Ale Pie

Steak and Ale Pie – A little rustic!


Well, three pies actually, one for now and two for the freezer. Far too much trouble to go to just for one pie. Read the rest of this entry

Dressmaking No 3

Dressmaking No 3

Yes, OK, it looks fairly similar to the previous two but let me tell you new skills were indeed learnt in the making of this BurdaStyle 042013 pleated blouse!

Read the rest of this entry

What’s not to love?

What’s not to love about this bag?

Sewchet crochet bag.

Sewchet crochet bag.

It’s not mine, I came across it after discovering the Sewchet blog, yesterday. Read the rest of this entry

I have new feet.

I have new feet……….for my sewing machine.

After watching a free sewing machine feet course on Craftsy last weekend I discovered

  1. What many of my up until now untouched sewing machine feet were for
  2. I needed more feet.

These arrived in the post yesterday.

I’ve not just bought them on a whim, Read the rest of this entry

Same pattern, different fabric

After all my dithering about what top pattern to have a go at next I decided to get my money’s worth out of the pattern I used last week and make the same one again.

Burda 6914

I’m thrilled! Read the rest of this entry

Which one next?

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This week, at lunchtimes and bedtimes, I have mostly been trawling the internet for patterns for tops. Tops for work generally.

Feeling chuffed in the garden in my first top.

Feeling chuffed in the garden in my first top.

I work in construction and whilst mostly office based I have to be prepared to whiz off to visit a potential new site or attend a meeting with a Client. So my standard uniform is smart trousers, heels (flats kept in the car) and a top with a jacket for winter. You can never have enough tops. And I would like more. Read the rest of this entry

Amineko Cat

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I’ve crocheted myself an Amineko Cat.
Amineko Cat

He’s a little stroppy Read the rest of this entry


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