Swirly crochet cushion complete!

Swirly crochet cushion complete!

It’s finished!

Crochet swirly cushion

Crochet swirly cushion

I’m thrilled with this make although credit must go to Little Woolie for the inspiration and pattern that I adjusted to suit my yarn and hook.
Little woolie's blanket

I ran out of grey to finish the edge so trimmed it in a grey/pink.

Swirls Crochet Cushion edging

Swirls Crochet Cushion edging

Due to yarn constraints I stopped at 5 squares wide, 4 squares deep.Crochet swirly cushion
I found some beautiful fabric at the weekend to make up the cushion. That’ll be next weekend’s job.
But look what I arrived home to last night!20140129-082117.jpg

It’s my first delivery from Minerva Crafts!
3 projects worth of fabric and yarn for my posts as one of their network bloggers. It’s like Christmas!
I’ve started with my pom pom cushion which you’ll see when I go live on the 7th February.

You can press on this link to see where I’ll be featured


Love, Lucie x

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About lovelucie1

I cannot sit without something in my hands to sew, crochet, sketch etc. This becoming something of an addiction. Infact, I start to get twitchy if I am stationary somewhere, waiting for an appointment, waiting for my daughter, away with work, without some project to keep my hands busy. Minutes wastest make me anxious. This blog logs my progress to raise funds through my creations to feed my textile habbit.

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  1. Yay you got your Minerva parcel! It’s so exciting! Though I currently don’t know where to start with mine haha – I’ve cut out my pattern pieces so that’s something :) your crochet cushion cover looks great too!

  2. Hello Lucie,
    Your crochet work looks gorgeous!! A very beautiful cushion cover!

  3. Oh my goodness that looks awesome. I still love the colors you chose.

  4. Gorgeous looking cushion :) Can’t wait to see your Minerva craft piece.

  5. Wow – love this so much – love the colours you used – thanks for sharing

  6. That’s so pretty. I love the edging. I’m looking forward to seeing it all finished :)

    I had a bag full of yarn delivered today. Such fun diving into the parcel to coo over the pretties.


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