Fear of the semi-colon

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semi colon

Do you harbour an irrational fear the semi colon?

I do.

When I read other blogs, displaying excellent use of the semi-colon, I sigh and think how much more intelligent, literate, educated they must be.

I must have missed the semi-colon lesson in school. I really don’t remember being taught much grammar, just picking it up along the way.

I sometimes think, ‘I’m sure a semi-colon could go in there’. Then I bottle it in case my inappropriate use shows me to be a numpty who should stick to reading blogs, not writing one.

I must admit that since starting this blog 9 weeks ago, I find the words coming easier and easier. The dusty old thesaurus in my head is releasing that word I am looking for faster than before. I am having to spend less time rewriting my twaddle and I can pop out a reasonable post in 10-15 minutes. (You may have a different definition of reasonable, of course).

But the use of the semi-colon evades me.

So today I looked it up; it wasn’t difficult.

There, did you see it? That pesky semi-colon. I think that’s right. Blink and you’d miss it.

I found this explanation really useful http://theoatmeal.com/comics/semicolon

Love, Lucie xx


About lovelucie1

I cannot sit without something in my hands to sew, crochet, sketch etc. This becoming something of an addiction. In fact, I start to get twitchy if I am stationary somewhere, waiting for an appointment, waiting for my daughter, away with work, without some project to keep my hands busy. Minutes wasted make me anxious. This blog logs my progress to raise funds through my creations to feed my textile habbit.

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  1. It’s nice to see somebody worry about punctuation; most people don’t seem to bother with it these days.


  2. So glad you could master the art of the semi-colon!


  3. Brilliant! You probably weren’t taught it. I wasn’t (born ’72), I think the 70s & 80s didn’t see much punctuation & grammar taught in English classes. I still couldn’t parse a sentence and as for things like adjectives & adverbs, that’s a closed book, but a literature degree has given me a love of the semi-colon! I say use it often!


  4. Hooray! I’ve been worrying over exactly the same thing and I’m sure I’ve been using ‘-‘ instead. I will now swat up! Thank you. x



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