A walk, a pie and something new

We are very lucky to live a stone’s throw away from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. But sometimes we visit, not to enjoy the sculpture, but just to experience the change in the season. A couple of hours spent with my daughter, away from TV, gives us time to talk and put the world to rights.

We came home and completed our Beef and Guinness pies; two for the freezer and one for that evening.

And finally something new.
A crochet lace scarf with some hand dyed sock weight merino wool.



I came across the pattern on Pinterest and traced it back to Ravelry.
It is the Angel Crochet Scarf by Amanda Perkins
I’ve used an 8mm crochet hook to keep it as loose as possible. I’m hoping the lace will open up on blocking.
Here’s to a good week ahead.
Love, Lucie x


About lovelucie1

I cannot sit without something in my hands to sew, crochet, sketch etc. This becoming something of an addiction. In fact, I start to get twitchy if I am stationary somewhere, waiting for an appointment, waiting for my daughter, away with work, without some project to keep my hands busy. Minutes wasted make me anxious. This blog logs my progress to raise funds through my creations to feed my textile habbit.

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  1. Mmmmmm pie! Scarf is looking gorgeous and we love the YSP too. Think we might be there sometime this week.


  2. Lovely scarf! And is that pie difficult to make? It sounds and looks absolutely delicious (but I’m not a very experienced cook yet)!


    • I’ve had lots of practice!
      Top tips for good pies.
      Make sure the filling (just a beef stew) is quite thick if you are having a pastry base as well as a pastry top.
      Make sure the filling is cold before you cover it in pastry, or the pastry will melt before it cooks.
      Make sure your oven is nice and hot and heat up a metal tray in it on which to place your pie. This will help the pastry base cook.
      Make 2 or 3 at a time. It’s far too much work for just one pie.
      If stuck for time, use shop bought pastry. No one will ever know.


  3. That shawl looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more.


  4. Mmmmmm. pie looks lovely and the scarf pattern is so delicate and I am sure it will open up with blocking, really love the colour too.


  5. Lovely pictures and the stitch pattern of your new scarf looks beautiful!


  6. That pie looks phenomenal!


  7. Mmm that pie looks very tasty, and your scarf is beautiful.


  8. The scarf is beautiful and I just love the colour. Your pie look yummy – nom-nom !!!! xx


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