Collaborative Hexie Blanket

I’m having a quiet blog week. I’ve been messing around with my blog appearance and generally catching up with all those little jobs that get put aside in favour of crafting.

As a timely distraction I have made a start on my hexagon contribution to Madebypatch’s Collaborative Crochet Blanket

Crochet hexagons

We are to crochet just 5 hexagons 15cm across in a dk cotton, any colour, any design, but with a white border.

Patch will join them all together (yes, I know!!!!) and then draw the lucky new owner of the blanket from all of us that have contributed towards it!

An example of what the blanket could end up looking like can be found here

So why not join in?
Patch has included links to some hexagonal patterns if you’ve not any of your own to draw from.

A lovely easy way to use up a little stash, and potentially end up the owner of a superb collaborative blanket.

Love, Lucie xx


About lovelucie1

I cannot sit without something in my hands to sew, crochet, sketch etc. This becoming something of an addiction. In fact, I start to get twitchy if I am stationary somewhere, waiting for an appointment, waiting for my daughter, away with work, without some project to keep my hands busy. Minutes wasted make me anxious. This blog logs my progress to raise funds through my creations to feed my textile habbit.

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  1. Spookily, I started a hexagon last night….. same design as yours (different colours though)!!!


  2. Hello Lucie,
    The new look of your blog is gentle, I like the green background.
    Best of luck with the hexagons! In 2012 and 2013 I joined a similar project, the Beautiful Bloggers Blanket and the result was indeed a beautiful blanket.


  3. Sanderella's Crochet

    Love your new look!! You stated you were working on your blog, it looks lovely!! Sandy


  4. I love the idea of a collaborative blanket! Sadly I’d better not as getting distracted on another project is probably not a good idea! X


  5. Great idea although I would not like to be the one sewing everything together! 😉


  6. Love the look of your revamped blog. Good luck with the collaborative blanket 🙂


  7. Loving your new look blog pages, I always struggle with the technical side of things. Thanks for the prompt to join in on the hexie blanket too, what a lovely idea.


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