Folk embroidery

Folk embroidery

There’s another embroidery book that I’ve recently become hooked on, quite unlike the fine embroidery I’ve been ‘churning out’ recently.

I think embroidery is so appealing to me at the moment because of immediate pleasing effect you get, even just after an hour of stitching.

It’s a beautiful book. Crisp clean imagery and plenty of inspiration.

Many of the projects featured appliquéd felt but not the thin acrylic bright felt I had in my stock, perfect for bright Christmas decorations, but a slightly thicker felt with a more subtle hue.

I sourced a wool mix felt from Cool Crafting, the company behind my Luna Lapin.

You can see the mottled more natural appearance of the wool mix felt.

I was taken with the image on the front cover of the book. So that’s where I started.

I used a piece of white fleece as the base fabric and basted a few lines through the felt to keep me on track.

It very quickly came together.

It made a good change to use bold colours and bold stitches. A little easier on the eyes!

I was in two minds about adding the flowers.

But I was so pleased with the result I invested in a frame!

Simple but quite lovely. And now hanging in our downstairs loo.

Love, Lucie xx


About lovelucie1

I cannot sit without something in my hands to sew, crochet, sketch etc. This becoming something of an addiction. In fact, I start to get twitchy if I am stationary somewhere, waiting for an appointment, waiting for my daughter, away with work, without some project to keep my hands busy. Minutes wasted make me anxious. This blog logs my progress to raise funds through my creations to feed my textile habbit.

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  1. that’s lovely Lucie. There were some stalls at the Quilt show selling lovely wool felts.

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  2. It’s gorgeous and makes me want to pick up some felt and embroidery floss. Keep the inspiration coming!

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  3. This is STUNNING. I can’t believe you’ve put it in the TOILET !!!


  4. This is absolutely gorgeous, I love the colours. You’re making me want to try some out – as though there isn’t already enough I want to do!


  5. This style is lovely – you may yet win your husband over!


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  7. This is lovely work! Very inspired to have a go… 🙂 I think I saw this book pop up on Amazon and now very tempted. 🙂 /Christina



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