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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone.

I’ve been procrastinating about sewing but I’ve been crocheting and knitting.

However this weekend has been about gardening and baking.

In the honour of two of her friends staying over so they could all go to their first concert together, without adults(!!), my daughter whipped up this rainbow cake.

She used a tiny amount of gel colouring in each layer, hence the vivid colours. Read the rest of this entry


Pattern testing

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I’ve spent the weekend in the garden, ignoring the weeds but pattern testing for my good friend Tialys who blogs about her crafty life in France.

Well, we are only blogger friends but I feel we could be good friends if we lived on the same mainland!

Here are some teaser pictures. I’m thoroughly enjoying the process but you’ll just have to wait for the big reveal.

Textile boxTextile box Read the rest of this entry

Marmalade Mmmmmm.

Are you a marmalade household? Apparently it is going out of fashion. We always had marmalade in the cupboard when I was growing up, in the days when you could keep it in a cupboard. Plain marmalade, ginger marmalade and sometimes lime marmalade. Always with chunks in though.

I still love marmalade but I’m the only one in my household that likes it. I have it spread thickly on buttered granary toast on a Sunday morning.

Consequently a 12 jar batch of homemade marmalade lasts 2 years.

2015 is a marmalade making year for me. The Seville oranges that you need for marmalade are only available in January and February so this weekend I turned this Homemade marmalade

into this. Read the rest of this entry

Another lovely Autumn weekend

Another lovely Autumn weekend

Earlier today I read that Claire of Mollie&Claire had been busy making her Christmas cake this past weekend.

Funnily enough, I had been doing exactly the same; alongside my daughter who ran up a batch of tasty but surprisingly light Parkin.

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Making mincemeat of the mincemeat

Making mincemeat of the mincemeat

Good old Delia Smith came out at the weekend for the first of her annual contributions to Christmas.
It was that time again. Time to make my mincemeat.
I remembered to use vegetarian suet so as not to repeat last year’s fellow work colleague alienation!

The ingrediants

The ingredients

Just the easiest of recipes. Read the rest of this entry

Blackberry jam and Brownies

Blackberry jam and Brownies

When Freya was small we would bake together.
Biscuits were her favourite thing. We had a box of 101 cutter shapes. People, stars, flowers, people, boats, cars and of course many letter shapes; an initial for all the people in her life.
After the baking came the decorating. Tubes of coloured icing, teeth breaking silver balls, sugar flowers and edible glitter.
Always a fun but exhausting afternoon, finishing off with a mop of the floor.
But times move on. These days we cook and bake alongside each other, happily sharing the stove, singing along to the radio. I still get to do the washing up. Read the rest of this entry

WIP and a Swiss roll

Just dropping by with a quick update on this weeks WIPs.
My rabbit is just waiting to be put together. A little embroidery is needed to the face. Adding the features is my least favourite part. You can totally change the character with a few misplaced stitches.
I don’t love this bunny as much as my Brenda Ballerina but hopefully that will change.

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