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Boden ravello take off

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Boden ravello take off

I have to admit that I’m rather a fan of Boden clothes. The catalogue that drops through my letter box gets thoroughly read and tagged with random corners turned down. My online shopping basket gets filled and emptied most weeks during my lunch hour as I plan my fictional wardrobe to be worn in a fictional place where you don’t have to prepare for 5 types of weather in one day.

It’s all very good practice for the day I get my email announcing a 30 or 40% sale when I finally give in to the items I really ‘need’.

I have more than one (four!!!!) of the Boden ‘ravello’ tops bought over the past 3 years and all still going strong. I wear them for work, especially for meetings when I need ‘to keep my cool’, under a jacket.


But look, it’s such a simple top. And it remarkably resembles this burdastyle pleated blouse. Read the rest of this entry


Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up

Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up

I had been looking forward to the Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up in Dewsbury for ages. Especially as I was unable to attend the last one.

Ali from Thimberlina had organised this very successful event and herded us around Dewsbury for the day.

Of course I wore my new Coco.


It was definitely weird to meet and chat to ladies you’ve only ever seen on the screen. On a screen people seem only 2D. It was like seeing the stars of our blogging world come to life! It was so good to find out that the ladies were exactly the same as they came across on their blogs.

In all 19 of us met for coffee and chats in a cafe in Dewsbury before venturing out into the latest storm to pass over the British Isles.  Read the rest of this entry

Coco complete

Coco complete

My Coco is complete!  This definitely will not be the last although this fabric from Fabworks will take some beating.

I made a size 3 but added to the bust at the seam. Then I took it all in again by 1cm down the side seam after trying it on.

I took a good 2 inches off the bottom. I read somewhere that the hem shouldn’t finish at the widest part of you and I agree. A couple of inches above is much more flattering on me.

This week has seen my Coco turn from this.


To this. Read the rest of this entry

Fab staff at Fabworks

Fab staff at Fabworks

Look what I’ve got! More black and white knit!

I made a quick mercy dash ( listen to me, it’s only fabric!) into the shop during the week. A quick look around left my hopes dashed. I had but minutes to spare but one of the Fabworks ladies came to my rescue.  Read the rest of this entry



Yay! So yesterday I actually sat at my machine and started a Coco. Am I the last, in sewing circles, to have made a Coco? There are lots and lots of examples on this on Tilly’s Pinterest board.

Well, to be precise, I have not made a Coco, just started one.

But my first achievement, one I have been putting off for soooo long, was to re thread my overlocker with black thread. A successful task which actually took me minutes. So why had I procrastinated about this for weeks?

This is my material. I had picked it up at Fabworks, Dewsbury, last November.img_2665

And you can see the reverse of it here.  Read the rest of this entry



One thing I finally got around to completing before Christmas was my #Stitchingsanta parcel for the sewing/knitting secret Santa exchange as organized by Sheila who blogs at Sewchet. I believe my parcel was probably the last to be sent off but hopefully worth the wait.

Looking through my recipient’s blog, Hannah who blogs at www.quirkyhannah.wordpress,  I could see she was an avid quilter. Not being a quilter myself, I erred on the cautious side and assembled a package any sewer would find useful but would show a little bit of me. They are all things I’ve made.

First, one of my liberty print sewing needle cases. Who doesn’t need one of these?

Then you can never have too many measuring tapes, especially a crochet covered measuring tape.
Read the rest of this entry

The Agnes

The Agnes

Regular readers of my blog will recognise this as my third Agnes by Tilly Waynes of Great British Sewing Bee fame.

The pattern is definitely one I’ll be keeping at the top of my pattern pile.

Remembering all I’d picked up from Tilly’s online course, like stabilising the shoulder seams with a narrow strip of ribbon, I had hoped to whizz through this one.


I had been so impressed with my first and second. Read the rest of this entry