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My Mother’s Day treat

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My Mother’s Day treat

As a rule we don’t usually go to town over Mother’s Day. We never have really, preferring not to jump onto the band wagon of expensive presents and forced lunches out. So it was quite by coincidence that a free Sunday aligned with the weather and Mother’s Day and a trip to our (very) local Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP).

We went immediately after breakfast and were pleased we did. The car park attendants were parking cars in overflow car park number 4 when we were leaving.

We had heard good things about the latest exhibition. Being a complete art philistine I knew nothing of the artist, Tony Cragg, a British Sculptor born in Liverpool, 1949, but instantly felt a sense of ‘these seem familiar’ on entering the Underground Gallery.


My unenlightened husband Read the rest of this entry




Mild Monday saw me catching the 7.19am train from Wakefield to the NEC, Birmingham. Stuffed full with important looking business people all tap, tap, tapping away on their lap tops, I sat amongst them with my crochet.img_6440
I arrived nice and early and had a quick look around this largest of craft trade fairs, until the allotted time of 10.45am when us craft bloggers were to congregate for our ‘blogger’s breakfast’.
And what a breakfast. We heard that breakfast for 60 had been delivered in lieu of the ordered breakfast for 30!

I sat next to Julie of sumoftheirstories. Previously unacquainted, we had been following each other on instagram. It’s always lovely to add a voice to the blog. Read the rest of this entry



One thing I finally got around to completing before Christmas was my #Stitchingsanta parcel for the sewing/knitting secret Santa exchange as organized by Sheila who blogs at Sewchet. I believe my parcel was probably the last to be sent off but hopefully worth the wait.

Looking through my recipient’s blog, Hannah who blogs at www.quirkyhannah.wordpress,  I could see she was an avid quilter. Not being a quilter myself, I erred on the cautious side and assembled a package any sewer would find useful but would show a little bit of me. They are all things I’ve made.

First, one of my liberty print sewing needle cases. Who doesn’t need one of these?

Then you can never have too many measuring tapes, especially a crochet covered measuring tape.
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 Draw breath

 Draw breath

I’m back. Back from an unintentional blogging break. I’m back and itching to sew.

I’ve had a lovely Christmas break. One in which I’ve finally sat down at my sewing machine after a break of nearly two months. I know this because I received a new pair of dressmaking scissors for my birthday in mid November and I’ve only just cut the tag of them!
So what has changed in my life in 2015 to cause such a change of behaviour?

Firstly the new job. The new job, started way back in May due to my former employer going into administration, has taken up a much larger chunk of me than I expected. With work, work ideas, doubts and deadlines and new challenges whirling about in my head, for a time it crowded out some of my need to craft. I know that for a period I was a bit of a nightmare to live with!

Secondly, I met these wonderful ladies. In June I built up the courage to try a local cycle club ride. I’ve not looked back.

This is fake snow, btw!


This was our Christmas club ride. Read the rest of this entry

Not another ‘Autumn’ blog post.

You’ve probably seen your fill of ‘autumn colour’ posts recently but I’m not apologising.

Last weekend a sunny day dawned out of the fog.

I stepped away from the sewing machine, which had been frustratingly skipping stitches on my recent jersey project and has ended up going for a service, and got out my mountain bike.

Newmillerdam autumn trees.

A 12 mile circular ride with just a very short distance on the road, right on my doorstep. Read the rest of this entry

Poppy wave at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Poppy wave at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Decorating, leaking showers, new wardrobes and the general trashed house that comes along with them have seen my sewing machine hidden from reach and a person too tired to write anything vaguely interesting of late.

I even decided to give Yarndale a miss in lieu of a much needed day of rest.

Sunday’s short trip out however, quite put a spring in my step. Family time well spent.

Many of my regular readers will know I live quite close to and love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

And there are not many of you in the UK who will not have heard of last year’s Tower of London poppy installation that my daughter and I had the good fortune to see part way through its full construction.

Well when we heard that a touring poppy Read the rest of this entry

I’m a little excited

I’m a little excited

It’s Friday lunch and I’m a little excited.

Excited for 3 reasons

  1. It’s Friday!


2. I’ve a free weekend and have promised myself to get stuck into my Tilly and the Buttons sewing with jersey, online course.


3. I’ve just received an email that these have been delivered at home. Read the rest of this entry