Some finished things

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Some finished things

This is a catch up post. Sometimes I’d rather spend my time crafting than writing and recently I’ve become hooked on Instagram (love_lucie) , finding it so quick to post and watch others’ daily updates.

However I still enjoy the slower pace of the blog, both the reading of blogs and the writing of posts. I remember when I started the blog, nearly 3 years ago, I was concerned to read that blogs were coming to a natural end and everyone was moving onto the faster paced media channels of Utube and Tumbler and Instagram.

I’m glad the blog is still around. The blog doesn’t suddenly start blaring out of my computer when I’m sat in my office with my door open. The blog doesn’t use up my phone battery or data when streaming video, the blog allows me to pick up, read, put down when interrupted, pick up again, recap. I like a still image and the written word.

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Flower meadow embroidery

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This past week I turned this freehand sketchFlower meadow embroidery

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Flower meadow

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Just leaving you with this, because it is beautiful.


My mum is one of the artists in my family. This is quite unlike her archetypal style but is massively now one of my favourites. It measures 6” x 6” and is inspired by a glass tile my daughter bought her Grandma for Christmas.

When I nip across the M62 in a week or so to visit, I shall take some linen and we will try and recreate the colour wash background through which I intend to stitch.

I don’t have the patience or talent to paint, I’m too impatient to develop skills that may or may not be there. Perhaps in my next life!!

Love, Lucie xx

Same book, different project

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Same book, different project




From the same book I took my bird 

I’ve made an extremely useful (too me!) little item.

My living room floor, and my husband, is now saved from these. Read the rest of this entry

Folk embroidery

Folk embroidery

There’s another embroidery book that I’ve recently become hooked on, quite unlike the fine embroidery I’ve been ‘churning out’ recently.

I think embroidery is so appealing to me at the moment because of immediate pleasing effect you get, even just after an hour of stitching.
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Another Zakka Embroidery jewellery pouch

I’ve completed another jewellery pouch. I really love this one.img_6408
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Mild Monday saw me catching the 7.19am train from Wakefield to the NEC, Birmingham. Stuffed full with important looking business people all tap, tap, tapping away on their lap tops, I sat amongst them with my crochet.img_6440
I arrived nice and early and had a quick look around this largest of craft trade fairs, until the allotted time of 10.45am when us craft bloggers were to congregate for our ‘blogger’s breakfast’.
And what a breakfast. We heard that breakfast for 60 had been delivered in lieu of the ordered breakfast for 30!

I sat next to Julie of sumoftheirstories. Previously unacquainted, we had been following each other on instagram. It’s always lovely to add a voice to the blog. Read the rest of this entry