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The 9 Month Mandala

The 9 Month Mandala

One of the very last posts I wrote before my impromptu blog break was this one which recorded the start of my Mandala Madness project.

The Mandala Madness CAL  run by Helen of Crystals and Crochet  was an 18 week CAL. It took me double that time. Goodness knows how others managed it, but they did.

Helen actually made 3 in different colourways and gauges throughout the CAL.

I watched Helen’s Mandalas grow. And soon mine began to grow too. Read the rest of this entry


Mandala Madness

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Mandala Madness

Let me start by saying, I’m not a fan of the crochet Mandala.

Whilst I am completely in awe of the work that goes into the most finest of ones, executed with the finest of threads and the finest of hooks, I have had no desire to jump on the Mandala bandwagon…….. except for the one I made for Yarndale, last year. Read the rest of this entry

Baby boy ripple

Baby boy ripple

A ripple ready for a baby boy.

Started early in the New Year, this has taken me about 5 weeks. And apart from one additional ball of the denim blue colour, was all made from my crochet cotton stash. A huge win, in my opinion, although my stash is still quite huge 😉




I used the Attic 24 pattern. I could have worked one out myself but why bother when it is already written down for you. Read the rest of this entry

Big teal blanket update

Big teal blanket update

I’ve a teal blanket update today. I can do one square easily in just over an hour. I’m averaging at 4 a week.

Here are the first six all blocked.

Teal blanket

I’ve another 4 ready to block but six seems a nice number to fit onto my recently (should have bought them ages ago) purchased foam playmats. Read the rest of this entry

New blog love – By Haafner

As you know blogs come and go.

Different things in people’s lives become higher in priority.

Others have suddenly discovered a new way to spend their time and gone off to explore another path.

I’ve been on the look out for a couple more crochet blogs to follow; my crochet feed has run been running dry and I find a good crochet blog a feast for the eyes.

A couple of weeks ago I came across this beauty – By Haafner.

She has been hooking for only a few years but her blog shows a great eye for colour, lovely styled photos and the patience to take on some considerable projects.

She has given me permission to share some of her images with you. Click on each image to take you to the original post.

I love this blanket. It is very similar to my smaller baby blankets. I love the edging detailing.Dainty Dots Blanket

At the other end of the scale is this dainty necklace. Read the rest of this entry

Citrus baby blanket

Citrus baby blanket

For this month’s Minervacrafts blog post I chose a yarn project. You know I love the cotton blankets I’ve made but the 4 ply takes a certain amount of patience to see it grow.

This one is one of my favorites. You can of course read about it here.

crochet blanket for wool couture2

I wondered if a cotton pram blanket in dk would look as pleasing and indeed would crochet up faster.

From Minerva’s website I chose Stylecraft’s Classique cotton dk in Ivory, Soft Lime and Sunflower. I used 2 balls of each and a 4mm crochet hook.

It’s a simple pattern, the same one as I used above but with a variation on when I changed colour from the ‘wheel’ part to the ‘square’ part, found on the 3 beans in a pod blog.

I love them laid out like this.

Cotton crochet blanketCotton crochet blanket

I made 30 of them. Read the rest of this entry

Just a simple giant granny and a Bakewell tart

Just a simple giant granny and a Bakewell tart

I’ve always fancied crocheting a giant granny blanket. Well this one is more newborn than giant size. It was a pleasure to do.

Just some mindless but very neat crochet.

Round and around and around.

Just one more round.

Go on, just another one.

That is how you end up going to bed far too late, several nights on the trot and wake up with a crochet hangover.

Crochet granny square blanket

I did start a fancy edging but undid it and bordered it in a couple of rows of double crochet. Read the rest of this entry