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Mild Monday saw me catching the 7.19am train from Wakefield to the NEC, Birmingham. Stuffed full with important looking business people all tap, tap, tapping away on their lap tops, I sat amongst them with my crochet.img_6440
I arrived nice and early and had a quick look around this largest of craft trade fairs, until the allotted time of 10.45am when us craft bloggers were to congregate for our ‘blogger’s breakfast’.
And what a breakfast. We heard that breakfast for 60 had been delivered in lieu of the ordered breakfast for 30!

I sat next to Julie of sumoftheirstories. Previously unacquainted, we had been following each other on instagram. It’s always lovely to add a voice to the blog. Read the rest of this entry


New works ahead

New works ahead

Two or three more evenings should see me finishing my baby boy crochet blanket. It’s been a lovely project for mindless winter crochet in front of subtitled European dramas.

IMG_2559It’s a lot bigger than this now but I have to admit I need something a little more challenging.

So I’m indulging myself in some baby knitting also for the advancing baby addition to the wider family.

I’ve spent time on Ravelry and time on Pinterest having a good look around for some contemporary patterns for a young family but there’s nothing like curling up with a pattern book. This one is pretty good. I can see at least 4 patterns I’d love to knit up and a growing baby will need at least one or two of these! Read the rest of this entry

To knit or not to knit socks.

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To knit or not to knit socks.

I’ve just read this enjoyable post about sock knitting by Glenna from Ontario from the knitting to stay sane blog.

In the post she gives so many hints and tips about how to start, links to starter patterns and ponders why some knitters love to knit socks and others only make it past the first pair before they decide, ‘been there, done that’.

I have a different kind of view.

I love to knit socks.

I love to see them in my sock drawer. I love this little portable project. Read the rest of this entry

And then there were two.

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And then there were two.

I thought it best that I move straight onto the second of my Beira Fingerless Gloves without a gap in proceedings in the fear that one would never become two.

And what would you know? In a little over a week I polished off the second one.

Ta dah!

I had hoped to beat the daffodils with this pair. Read the rest of this entry

And then there was one!

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And then there was one!

As I had hoped, the cable pattern finally became ingrained in my brain.
I got faster and faster. I enjoyed seeing each repeat forming from my needles.
I had no idea how the thumb might be formed but the Beira fingerless gloves pattern’s clear explanation made it (almost) childs play.

beira fingerless gloves

The first of my Beira fingerless gloves

It is unblocked but already looks pretty good! Read the rest of this entry

Slow progress, but progress

After frogging, again, the first 9 rows of the cabling section of these Beira fingerless gloves, I’ve now finally cracked it. I’m on cabling row 22!

Beira fingerless gloves
I’ve a long way to go until they look like these. Read the rest of this entry


I’m really struggling with these.BeiraFingerlessMitts

They are the Beira Fingerless Gloves by Liz Corke Knit Design.
Occasionally I like to set myself a challenge. This one may be a challenge too far. It might be winter 2016 before these are finished! Read the rest of this entry