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My Mother’s Day treat

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My Mother’s Day treat

As a rule we don’t usually go to town over Mother’s Day. We never have really, preferring not to jump onto the band wagon of expensive presents and forced lunches out. So it was quite by coincidence that a free Sunday aligned with the weather and Mother’s Day and a trip to our (very) local Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP).

We went immediately after breakfast and were pleased we did. The car park attendants were parking cars in overflow car park number 4 when we were leaving.

We had heard good things about the latest exhibition. Being a complete art philistine I knew nothing of the artist, Tony Cragg, a British Sculptor born in Liverpool, 1949, but instantly felt a sense of ‘these seem familiar’ on entering the Underground Gallery.


My unenlightened husband Read the rest of this entry


Poppy wave at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Poppy wave at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Decorating, leaking showers, new wardrobes and the general trashed house that comes along with them have seen my sewing machine hidden from reach and a person too tired to write anything vaguely interesting of late.

I even decided to give Yarndale a miss in lieu of a much needed day of rest.

Sunday’s short trip out however, quite put a spring in my step. Family time well spent.

Many of my regular readers will know I live quite close to and love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

And there are not many of you in the UK who will not have heard of last year’s Tower of London poppy installation that my daughter and I had the good fortune to see part way through its full construction.

Well when we heard that a touring poppy Read the rest of this entry

Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore

Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore

Do you remember my Auntie Sarah? The one who made my yarn bowl and, incidentally, my salt pig?

She came to stay this weekend; we had a weekend of Wakefield’s finest art installations planned.
The Yorkshire Sculpture Park was our venue for Saturday. Little did I think to check that the two main galleries were open. Unfortunately they were not, both setting up for the next major exhibitions (apparently a major Henry Moore exhibition), but we satisfied ourselves with a decent walk through the parkland in the mizzle and took in some of the permanent installations, including some David Nash and Henry Moore, along the way. Read the rest of this entry

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Here, in Yorkshire, we are incredibly lucky to live a mere couple of miles away from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The park is free to enter, although paying the astronomical car parking fees always make us wonder about the venue’s interpretation of ‘free’!

We always make a point of visiting this time of year. I love the changing colours in the trees and it was a beautiful Autumn day once the mist had lifted, last Sunday.

The ‘sculpture’ is laid out both in the park and within several purpose built galleries. Read the rest of this entry

A walk, a pie and something new

We are very lucky to live a stone’s throw away from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. But sometimes we visit, not to enjoy the sculpture, but just to experience the change in the season. A couple of hours spent with my daughter, away from TV, gives us time to talk and put the world to rights.

We came home and completed our Beef and Guinness pies; two for the freezer and one for that evening.

And finally something new.
A crochet lace scarf with some hand dyed sock weight merino wool.



I came across the pattern on Pinterest and traced it back to Ravelry.
It is the Angel Crochet Scarf by Amanda Perkins
I’ve used an 8mm crochet hook to keep it as loose as possible. I’m hoping the lace will open up on blocking.
Here’s to a good week ahead.
Love, Lucie x