And then there was one!

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And then there was one!

As I had hoped, the cable pattern finally became ingrained in my brain.
I got faster and faster. I enjoyed seeing each repeat forming from my needles.
I had no idea how the thumb might be formed but the Beira fingerless gloves pattern’s clear explanation made it (almost) childs play.

beira fingerless gloves

The first of my Beira fingerless gloves

It is unblocked but already looks pretty good! Read the rest of this entry

Beira fingerless gloves

The fingerless glove knitting continues at an appallingly slow rate of about 6 rows a night.


Still, cables are still cabling and the thumb is emerging.

It’s a beautiful day and soon there’ll be leaves on this tree.

Have a relaxing weekend.
Love, Lucie xx

Flying February

Is February flying by for you? It is me.

I think it is in part to the new job at work and also the mere fact that there are only 28 days.

It’s good in some ways. Pay day comes around quicker.

But bad in others. I’ve not really started on my next Minerva Crafts garment make which I’m due to post about in just over a week’s time.

At least I’ve made my toile.

Yes, it’s a dress! – Sorry it’s dark.Cowl Dress 10/2012 #118A

In fact it is this dress – Cowl Dress 10/2012 #118A from Burda Style.Cowl Dress 10 2012 #118A

I’m never brave enough, or daft, to go straight to the fabric and have always made a toile. Something doubly important when cutting into fabric provided for you by another. There’s no making this twice! Read the rest of this entry

Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore

Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore

Do you remember my Auntie Sarah? The one who made my yarn bowl and, incidentally, my salt pig?

She came to stay this weekend; we had a weekend of Wakefield’s finest art installations planned.
The Yorkshire Sculpture Park was our venue for Saturday. Little did I think to check that the two main galleries were open. Unfortunately they were not, both setting up for the next major exhibitions (apparently a major Henry Moore exhibition), but we satisfied ourselves with a decent walk through the parkland in the mizzle and took in some of the permanent installations, including some David Nash and Henry Moore, along the way. Read the rest of this entry

Slow progress, but progress

After frogging, again, the first 9 rows of the cabling section of these Beira fingerless gloves, I’ve now finally cracked it. I’m on cabling row 22!

Beira fingerless gloves
I’ve a long way to go until they look like these. Read the rest of this entry

Quilted ‘Sew Retro’ bag

When I heard that Sheila from Sewchet was requesting a pattern tester to try out her new ‘Sew Retro’ bag pattern, I jumped at the chance.

I love a project thrust upon me. Sometimes turning my attention to something completely unplanned really sparks my interest.
I’ve been following the Sewchet blog from around mid last year. Sheila makes some darling things. A great mix of crochet and sewing for the home; right up my street.

These are Sheila’s bags.

Sewchet WIP bags

Sewchet WIP bags

Aren’t they lovely? Read the rest of this entry

Dreaming of summer

Dreaming of summer

This is me, last weekend, pretending I’m really warm in my new pink Burda 7051 top and white cropped jeans. It’s actually 2 degrees above freezing. It took 3 lots of bribing my daughter outside to get the photos I wanted whilst the sun was shining.

This is a Burda Young pattern 7051. I love it. I’m sure shall make it again and again. Read the rest of this entry


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