Me Made May ’15 Week 3

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Me Made May’15 week 3 could be renamed, cowl week.

It was the week when my work wardrobe was increased by 3 much needed new tops. I now love opening my wardrobe in the morning and actually having a choice of tops that I have made and would have spent decent money on. Read the rest of this entry

Colour block cushion

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My stash busting colour block cushion is complete.Colour block crochet cushion

This cushion was not without a small hiccup along the way.

This is the result of crocheting for 2 hours straight on a train, as opposed to my usual, not to be recommended for posture, slouched position on the settee. I’m always advising those new to crotchet to practice, practice their tension until it is even before starting something major. Read the rest of this entry

Filling a gap in my work wear

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Filling a gap in my work wear

Me Made May’15 has definitely made me aware that I need some more tops for work.

With the onset of Spring (really?) I have put away my standard winter work wear of warm rtw long sleeve blouses in favour of short sleeved tops and jackets.

I love my Day to Night Drape tops but sleeveless is not often an option in the office, even in a more appropriate fabric.

I scouted about for a pattern for cowl top with sleeves that wasn’t going to cost the earth. Read the rest of this entry

Me Made May week 2

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I need more tops!

This became apparent during this 2nd MMMay’15 week. I’m attending more and more client meetings these days so I need more smart tops that I can wear under my jackets. Tops that are cool, to keep my cool when under question, or delivering a presentation.

My Made in May week 2 is summed up in the following. All those already fed up with MMMay’15 posts, please look away now.

Without my daughter always on hand, I’m getting rather adept at the mirror selfie.

My first Maria Denmark Day to Night Drape top worn under one of my favourite rtw cardigans for fabric shopping.

Maria Denmark Day to night drape top.

Back at work on the Monday and I wore my Burda 6914 Read the rest of this entry

Holiday dress

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Holiday dress

Imagine, if you will, a Greek island, much like the island that Mama Mia was filmed on (it’s the one next door).


Imagine I’ve a fair golden tan and my roots don’t need doing (this Friday).

Imagine I’ve no bags under my eyes from a day in front of a computer and I’m not stood in a chilly garden in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, posing for my impatient daughter who would rather be doing other things.

Imagine instead that I’m strolling down a Greek harbour front with my ‘smiling’ daughter and ‘chilled’ husband for a fresh fish dinner. Read the rest of this entry

 Dewsbury – my new fabric destination.

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I was unable to attend the Yorkshires Spoolettes sewing blogger meet up organised by Ali of Thimberlina  in Dewsbury a few weeks ago.

However with Dewsbury being only one junction up the motor way, I was keen to find out what the fuss was all about.

Well let me tell you. After years of slating good old Wakefield for its lack of dressmaking fabric shops I no longer need to take that trip over the Peninnes to Minerva Crafts or Abakhan. I have something much, much better(cheaper) on my doorstep a mere 10 minutes away. Something I never even knew existed.

Armed with Ali’s meet up map,spoolette-dewsbury-map

Mum, who was staying for the weekend, and I hit the streets. Read the rest of this entry

Me Made May Week 1

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Me Made May Week 1

Just a little catch up on my first week of Me Made May 2015.

Last weekend my OH and I whisked off to a lovely hotel, The Raithwhaite Estate, for some ‘quality’ time. We had stayed there for our 2 night ‘mini moon’ last year. Located on the Yorkshire coast between Whitby and Sandsend it’s just under a two hour drive away so not too far, just far enough.

It’s quite a smart place which gave me a couple of easy opportunities to dress in my me-mades  for diner.

But first I wore my pink stretch cotton Burda 7051 to whizz around a few errands.Pink Burda 7051

The first night saw my inaugural wear of my grey Burdastyle cowl neck dress  Read the rest of this entry


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