Yarn confession

Yarn confession

I saw this on Pinterest (source unknown) and thought of many of you;)

Yarn confession

Ring any bells?

For dressmakers, insert ‘fabric’.

Love, Lucie xx

Itch to Stitch Birthday Blog Tour

Itch to Stitch Birthday Blog Tour

I’m taking part in the Itch to Stitch Birthday Blog Tour next week. I was asked by the lovely Kennis if I would be interested in making up one of her patterns as part of the Blog Tour.
There are 25 of us posting over 7 days starting this Thursday.
I wanted to keep it simple so have chosen the Kathryn top to make. It comes as both a dress and a top.

The Kathryn

As usual it’s last minute but I have at least cut out the pattern and bought my material. Yes, bought.
I came across this amazing online retailer from Hong Kong, Modes4U
It’s not cheap but the variety is fabulous and it didn’t take me long to fill my basket (oops!) with enough fabric to qualify for free postage! Read the rest of this entry

Another Agnes

So I’ve made another Tilly and the Buttons Agnes.

After a week of decorating and new wardrobe chaos my second Agnes had laid half finished for a week. Hidden behind boxes and temporary clothes rails my machine has been out of reach but this weekend I was able to finish her off.

Having learnt where it was a little snug on the first one 

Tilly Agnes

leading me to let out the long seam from the elbow to the armpit and taper in at the waist, I retraced the pattern to give me the perfect layering jersey pattern.

And here’s the result

Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Read the rest of this entry

Citrus baby blanket

Citrus baby blanket

For this month’s Minervacrafts blog post I chose a yarn project. You know I love the cotton blankets I’ve made but the 4 ply takes a certain amount of patience to see it grow.

This one is one of my favorites. You can of course read about it here.

crochet blanket for wool couture2

I wondered if a cotton pram blanket in dk would look as pleasing and indeed would crochet up faster.

From Minerva’s website I chose Stylecraft’s Classique cotton dk in Ivory, Soft Lime and Sunflower. I used 2 balls of each and a 4mm crochet hook.

It’s a simple pattern, the same one as I used above but with a variation on when I changed colour from the ‘wheel’ part to the ‘square’ part, found on the 3 beans in a pod blog.

I love them laid out like this.

Cotton crochet blanketCotton crochet blanket

I made 30 of them. Read the rest of this entry

Poppy wave at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Poppy wave at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Decorating, leaking showers, new wardrobes and the general trashed house that comes along with them have seen my sewing machine hidden from reach and a person too tired to write anything vaguely interesting of late.

I even decided to give Yarndale a miss in lieu of a much needed day of rest.

Sunday’s short trip out however, quite put a spring in my step. Family time well spent.

Many of my regular readers will know I live quite close to and love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

And there are not many of you in the UK who will not have heard of last year’s Tower of London poppy installation that my daughter and I had the good fortune to see part way through its full construction.

Well when we heard that a touring poppy Read the rest of this entry

Just a simple giant granny and a Bakewell tart

Just a simple giant granny and a Bakewell tart

I’ve always fancied crocheting a giant granny blanket. Well this one is more newborn than giant size. It was a pleasure to do.

Just some mindless but very neat crochet.

Round and around and around.

Just one more round.

Go on, just another one.

That is how you end up going to bed far too late, several nights on the trot and wake up with a crochet hangover.

Crochet granny square blanket

I did start a fancy edging but undid it and bordered it in a couple of rows of double crochet. Read the rest of this entry

Success with the Agnes

Success with the Agnes

Let me do a little dance.

A little dance to celebrate that Tilly (of Tilly and the Buttons) and I have, together, turned out this rather wearable Agnes toile.

Well, I say together, but I was closely following her through her Learn to Sew Jersey on a Regular Sewing Machine Online Course. She might as well have been in the room, the amount I learnt, enjoyed and correctly executed in the making of the Agnes.

I bought the course a few weeks ago. I’d read longingly about other bloggers experiences of attending classes to build upon their skills and whilst I couldn’t commit to a course with all the lovely added interaction you get from spending an evening with like minded folk, I thought this would be the next best thing.

Well let me tell you, I think Tilly missed her calling as a Blue Peter presenter! Not in a condescending way, of course, but I felt she just hit my level of skill and (lack of) knowledge at the right time.

The course focuses on sewing jersey on a regular sewing machine, without the use of a serger. I have both but sewing a toile on a sewing machine is completely sensible in my eyes. It made me slow down and of course gave me seam and seam allowances to unpick and play with if I wanted to adjust something.

It is a good mixture of text and video. The text was great to referring to when my wifi was playing up.

I watched the whole thing through in a couple of sittings and then followed it section by section whilst working through the making up.

I choose my size with Tilly’s reminder that jersey can be fairly forgiving so on the first run through not to bother too much with blending between sizes.

I learnt about so much about fabric choice, how to gauge stretch, cutting out and what stitch to use for what application.

The course runs alongside the Agnes pattern, the pdf of which comes with the course.tilly_and_the_buttons__agnes_sewing_pattern

To be honest the pattern did not appeal greatly to me so I saw it as a practice piece on which to hone my skills. Read the rest of this entry


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