Baby boy ripple

Baby boy ripple

A ripple ready for a baby boy.

Started early in the New Year, this has taken me about 5 weeks. And apart from one additional ball of the denim blue colour, was all made from my crochet cotton stash. A huge win, in my opinion, although my stash is still quite huge ;)




I used the Attic 24 pattern. I could have worked one out myself but why bother when it is already written down for you. Read the rest of this entry

Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up

Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up

I had been looking forward to the Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up in Dewsbury for ages. Especially as I was unable to attend the last one.

Ali from Thimberlina had organised this very successful event and herded us around Dewsbury for the day.

Of course I wore my new Coco.


It was definitely weird to meet and chat to ladies you’ve only ever seen on the screen. On a screen people seem only 2D. It was like seeing the stars of our blogging world come to life! It was so good to find out that the ladies were exactly the same as they came across on their blogs.

In all 19 of us met for coffee and chats in a cafe in Dewsbury before venturing out into the latest storm to pass over the British Isles.  Read the rest of this entry

Coco complete

Coco complete

My Coco is complete!  This definitely will not be the last although this fabric from Fabworks will take some beating.

I made a size 3 but added to the bust at the seam. Then I took it all in again by 1cm down the side seam after trying it on.

I took a good 2 inches off the bottom. I read somewhere that the hem shouldn’t finish at the widest part of you and I agree. A couple of inches above is much more flattering on me.

This week has seen my Coco turn from this.


To this. Read the rest of this entry

Fab staff at Fabworks

Fab staff at Fabworks

Look what I’ve got! More black and white knit!

I made a quick mercy dash ( listen to me, it’s only fabric!) into the shop during the week. A quick look around left my hopes dashed. I had but minutes to spare but one of the Fabworks ladies came to my rescue.  Read the rest of this entry

New works ahead

New works ahead

Two or three more evenings should see me finishing my baby boy crochet blanket. It’s been a lovely project for mindless winter crochet in front of subtitled European dramas.

IMG_2559It’s a lot bigger than this now but I have to admit I need something a little more challenging.

So I’m indulging myself in some baby knitting also for the advancing baby addition to the wider family.

I’ve spent time on Ravelry and time on Pinterest having a good look around for some contemporary patterns for a young family but there’s nothing like curling up with a pattern book. This one is pretty good. I can see at least 4 patterns I’d love to knit up and a growing baby will need at least one or two of these! Read the rest of this entry



Yay! So yesterday I actually sat at my machine and started a Coco. Am I the last, in sewing circles, to have made a Coco? There are lots and lots of examples on this on Tilly’s Pinterest board.

Well, to be precise, I have not made a Coco, just started one.

But my first achievement, one I have been putting off for soooo long, was to re thread my overlocker with black thread. A successful task which actually took me minutes. So why had I procrastinated about this for weeks?

This is my material. I had picked it up at Fabworks, Dewsbury, last November.img_2665

And you can see the reverse of it here.  Read the rest of this entry

2 WIP’s

2 WIP’s

I don’t think it is actually possible to sit and do nothing in front of the TV of an evening.

Usually around 8.30 my husband starts berating me for not sitting down. Isn’t there always another job to do? So I usually get about 1 – 2hrs each evening unless it’s Thursday when I’m cycling with the girls.

We’ve just finished watching The Bridge; the Danish/Swedish detective drama series. The subtitles and complicated plot are not inducive for a WIP that requires reference to a pattern.

Now we’ve started on Deutschland 83 a compulsive viewing German drama set against the real events, culture wars and political realities of Germany in the 1980s, again with subtitles. Spookily with David Bowie music regularly blaring out from radios and incredibly old fashioned looking TV sets.

But I need to keep my fingers busy and so my evenings have been alternating between these two. Thank goodness for multi tasking and the ability to count whilst keeping up with subtitles and plot lines.

By Haafner Popcorn blanket. I’m about half way through this one. I love it. I’ve sewn together what I’ve completed so far. I needed to be inspired and envisage the finished throw to keep me going with the slight monotony of using the same coloured yarn.

IMG_2556 Read the rest of this entry


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