What’s happened to the weather?

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What’s happened to the weather?

I’ve had a break. A break from work, sewing and blogging.

It’s the 30th July but all thoughts of continuing to wear my holiday attire have been banished in lieu of long trousers and long sleeves.

We’ve been to Skiathos, an island in Greece, me, my daughter and the OH. Skiathos was one of the first places my husband and I visited as a couple 10 years ago. It has it’s own small airport which is remarkable for an island that you can travel the length of on the bus in 30 minutes. What it misses in cultural hotspots it makes up in it’s beautiful sandy beaches which is just what you need when the temperature hits 35 degrees.

It was definitely a holiday of lazy days spent on the beach and evenings down by the harbour. Read the rest of this entry

To knit or not to knit socks.

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To knit or not to knit socks.

I’ve just read this enjoyable post about sock knitting by Glenna from Ontario from the knitting to stay sane blog.

In the post she gives so many hints and tips about how to start, links to starter patterns and ponders why some knitters love to knit socks and others only make it past the first pair before they decide, ‘been there, done that’.

I have a different kind of view.

I love to knit socks.

I love to see them in my sock drawer. I love this little portable project. Read the rest of this entry

Pattern testing

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I’ve spent the weekend in the garden, ignoring the weeds but pattern testing for my good friend Tialys who blogs about her crafty life in France.

Well, we are only blogger friends but I feel we could be good friends if we lived on the same mainland!

Here are some teaser pictures. I’m thoroughly enjoying the process but you’ll just have to wait for the big reveal.

Textile boxTextile box Read the rest of this entry

Upmarket Myrtle

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For my July Minerva Crafts bloggers network project I have made another Myrtle by Colette Patterns. I love my first version. It was a dream to sew and lovely to wear.

I really fancied making one in a heavier weight material, something a little more up market. I love a classic blue and white combination so when I came across this on the Minerva website, I knew I had found my fabric. Read the rest of this entry

Wow, that’s bright.

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Wow, that’s bright.

Firstly a huge welcome to anyone who has popped across via the Paris blog tour. I hope you enjoy my post.

And to those other regular readers, this is a post about a dress I made up from one of the prizes of a competition that was arranged off the back of a recent bloggers meet up in Paris (no, I didn’t go to Paris, I was just a lucky winner of one of the prizes in a draw that was held after the meet up). They had a huge range of sponsors, hence the amazing prizes. My prize was a sewers dream so it just goes to show – enter everything!

Annika from the German blog Nah Connection and An from Straight Grain have organised this whole blog tour thing so huge thanks goes out to them. The winners were asked if they wanted to take part in the Paris blog tour to write a post about something they had made with what they had received in their prize and off course, I did. Read the rest of this entry

Something to keep me busy

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Something to keep me busy

When I read the title I had just typed above I laughed! Something to keep me busy??? But life seems incredibly busy at the moment!

What I meant was, something to keep my fingers busy for that hour or so I get to sit down in the evening although even that precious hour is currently being whittled away due to the long light evenings and the jobs calling out my name in the garden.

I don’t have a specific crochet or knitting project to do but I need something to keep my hands busy and out of the biscuit tin. I’m not in need of anything specific crochet wise around the house. My husband’s threshold for crochet around the house has more or less reached it’s maximum level so I can’t just keep churning it out, as much as I’d like too.

I’m not mad enough to start Christmas presents. No birthdays on the horizon, well not ones that would appreciate a yarn based gift.

So I had a thought that I might start occupying myself with crochet that I could perhaps sell. I know the hours verses the price I could reasonably expect to receive for crochet goods will never stack up but if I can cover my costs and then some, I am getting pleasure in the creation and hopefully the recipient will get pleasure from the finished article too.

I’m thinking about modern contemporary baby blankets. Small, portable, doable, pleasurable.

I shall make them, photograph them, wrap them, sell them or store them. Then at least if they don’t sell I shall have a chest full of potential gifts for friends and family should the need arise in the future.

I’ve made a start.Crochet baby blanket

This is cotton left over from a CAL I never caught up with last year. Read the rest of this entry

A parcel!

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I’m always excited by a parcel in the post, non the more so when I receive my parcel from Minerva Crafts containing the materials for my next 3 month’s makes as an Minerva blogger.

Would you like to see what I have in mind?

Ordering online, I find that sometimes the fabrics I request don’t actually match the pattern I had in mind and I have to rethink a project or two. But this time I think I’ve got my pattern and fabric matched pretty well.

First up is this retro print blue turquoise and cream stretch cotton canvas designer dress fabric

Blue/Turquoise/Cream Stretch Cotton Canvas Designer Dress Fabric

This, I plan to make up as this burda shift dress. I had planned to use this pattern last time but the cotton I ordered just didn’t have enough body to hold the shape. Read the rest of this entry


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